BBQ Grill Mats or Oven Mats (Set of 2) $7.99 @ Groupon

BBQ Grill or Oven Mat (Set of 2)

BBQ Grill Mats or Oven Mats (Set of 2)

Reusable, nonstick grill sheets keep a barrier between food and grill
Keep sauces and juices from dripping down and causing flame flareups
Smaller food pieces won’t fall through
No need to break out the grill brushes to eliminate gunk
Easy to clean
Heat-resistant and flexible
Also can be used in the oven

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men and Women. Multiple Styles Available for $79.99 @ Groupon

Product Picture for Customer ReviewIn 1937, Ray-Ban released its first product: aviator sunglasses, built to protect eyes by filtering out harmful UV rays. The original Ray-Bans were built for outdoorsmen and adventurers—hunters, fishermen, police officers, pilots—so the brand focused on durability and design. Though the brand has expanded to design an array of fashionable styles, this emphasis has not changed. Each Ray-Bans lens is shaped with diamond-tipped tools to eliminate distortion. They filter out harmful levels of blue light, as well as UVA and UVB rays. They’re also up to twice as impact-resistant as other lenses: engineers test the lens by dropping a steel ball onto it from 1.27 meters up, or letting a toddler play with it for 1.27 hours.