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Well couponing didn’t always come natural to me…. I used to go to the grocery store, pick out a certain brand, didn’t have to be on sale and check out. (Could kick myself now!) Until I had my daughter and left my job to stay at home with her. I realized that I could purchase items on sale and use coupons to save big bucks.




Make a list of all the items you use on a regular basis, canned goods, laundry detergent, snacks etc. The one tip that I would have for anyone looking to use coupons with sales is not to be so brand loyal. If you can get the same item in a different brand for $3 less… it’s worth it!



There are plenty of places to find coupons online, if you are looking for a certain brand…try looking on the brands website for coupons! There are also plenty of coupon website that have coupons available to print.

(find certain sites under the COUPONS section of The Coupon Scoop.) E-Coupons are also available online if your grocery store except them through rewards cards.

Sunday Newspaper inserts are always a great place to find coupons, you can even stock up on multiple papers to get extra savings for those BOGO items.

Also, take a look around your local grocery store! Usually you will be able to find coupon booklets on end caps or at the front of the store. You will also find tear pads around the isles and sometimes you will even find coupons right on the item itself!




Use grocery store ads to your advantage! Go through and write down sales and BOGO deals that you want and stacks coupons with the sale to get your max savings. Some grocery stores even double the amount of your coupons so make sure to ask your local store if they double!

It’s so easy and I know that you may think it takes to much time and effort but it only takes maybe a half hour to flip through an ad and make a list. You can save so much! I can sit down for 20 minutes making a list go to my local grocery store and spend $106. save $116 and have $55 in coupons. If I can do it YOU CAN TOO!


The main key is not to get too overwhelmed take it one deal at a time….




 BOGO – buy one get one

MIR – mail in rebate

RR – register reward

IVC – instant value coupon

ECB – extra care bucks

OOP – out of pocket

IP – Internet printable

 MQ/MC – manufacturers coupon

Q – coupon

WYB – when you buy


When referring to coupon inserts:


GM-General Mills

PAB-Publix Advantage Buy

P&G-Procter & Gamble

RP-Red Plum

SS-Smart Source




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I have had some some questions recently on how to enter giveaways here at I Have A Coupon For That.


If are new to the website, or new to coupon sites in general it may seem confusing!

So I decided to post instructions on how to enter giveaways to make it easier for you to win your favorite items!



Read through and click on your favorite giveaways listed on the top of the site.

After you are finished reading the review, there will be a HOW TO ENTER: section….

follow the instructions ( for example:go to the website and pick your favorite item )

After you have your answer, scroll down to the “Comments” section.

All the way at the bottom, there will be a white text box.

Enter you answer into the box.

Under the box will be a “Comment As” box

If you follow via google friend connect your profile should already be in the box.

If you are new to the site, you can click the drop down option and choose “Name/URL”.

Leave your name, if you have a website feel free to leave your URL if you do not just leave that option blank.

You can also choose to comment as “Anonymous”.

Please leave your email on EVER entry to insure that I can contact you if you win.

I have had winners that do not leave their email, and loose out on their prize.

You can also earn extra entries to each giveaway, just leave a separate comment for each extra entry.

To find out how to earn extra entries just find the “Extra Entries” section on the giveaway you are entering.


After you are finished entering just click the “Post Comment” button!


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