List of Printable Store Coupon Policies & Tips

If you are new to couponing or are having troubles using your coupons, I would highly recommend printing out the coupon policy for the stores you shop and leaving the policies in your coupon binder, so when or if you have an issue it’s easy to show the cashier what the coupon policy actually states. With that being said, here is a list of various stores with links to their coupon policies so you can save and stay coupon savvy at your local stores! :)  
If you own a iPhone, you can also head over here and download the Coupon Policy App for $1.99 to have everything stored neatly in your phone!
This way, you are prepared for a coupon issue whenever you shop! Don’t forget….if the cashier is now allowing something that is listed in the coupon policy you can always ask to speak to the manager or get the phone number for the district manager to discuss the issue.


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