11 Simple Tips That Will Save You Money at the Grocery Store


Slash a few dollars off your next grocery store bill by using some of these simple tips and tricks.

1.      Shop With  a List

Studies have shown that you save more money when you shop with a list because it helps you stick to only buying the items you need.  If you go to the grocery store without a plan you’re more likely to fall prey to impulse purchases.

2.      Beware of the Cart

Shopping cart sizes have been increasing for years.  The reason for this is that grocery stores know that larger shopping carts lead to more purchases.  Shoppers subconsciously have a desire to fill up an empty cart so a larger cart leads to more purchases.  If you’re only picking up a few items try grabbing a hand basket instead of a cart.

3.      Don’t Shop Hungry

Make sure you have a meal or a snack before you head to the grocery store.  A rumbling stomach can lead to unnecessary purchases.

4.      Shop Seasonally

Produce is cheapest when it is purchased in season.  A larger supply helps drive down the price. You can find a chart of what food are in season when here.

5.      Wear Headphones

Grocery stores often play slowly paced music and it’s not by accident. Playing slower music causes you to slow down your walking speed which leads to you spending more time in the store which leads to you buying more!

6.      Bring Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save a ton of money while shopping for groceries. Combine coupons with what’s on sale for some serious savings. You can even print out coupons before your shopping trips.

7.      Avoid Prepared and Convenience Foods

Anything that you buy at a grocery store that saves you a couple minutes of work at home will be more expensive. This includes already prepared meals, pre-washed lettuce, pre-cut vegetables, grated cheese and pre-cut fruits.  Buy the whole, raw versions and do the cutting yourself to save more at the register.

8.      Shop the Outer Aisles

Staples like bread, milk, eggs, and meat tend to be placed around the outer aisles of the grocery store. This placement strategy forces you to walk the full distance of the grocery store exposing you to far more temptation.  Don’t give in by going up and down every isle, stick to your list!

9.      Stock Up When Staples Are On Sale

If you see an item you purchase often on sale, stock up.  This will save you money and a few extra trips to the store.

10.   Shop the Top and Bottom Shelves

Grocery stores know that items placed at eye level are more likely to be purchased which is why they place the more expensive products there.  Make sure you check the top and bottom shelves to save the most money.

11.   Bring Cash

If you’re trying to stick to a budget, try leaving the credit cards at home and only bring as much cash as you have budgeted for that shopping trip.  This will force you to stick to your plan and not over spend.